Facebook Advertising Resources: The 6 Types of Ads on the New Home Page

When the Facebook redesign launched a few months ago, Facebook added a new ad placement on the right rail of the home page. This placement is constant in position but flexible in terms of the types of advertisements that advertisers can place there. While Facebook is still testing the performance of many of these ads with top advertisers, here’s a rundown of the 6 types of home page advertisements you can purchase (if not now, soon) on Facebook:

1) Event Ad

The Event Ad is integrated with Facebook Events and includes an “RSVP” call to action. When RSVP is clicked, full event details are displayed, including the number of Facebook users and friends attending. Friends’ responses are visible beneath the ad after they have RSVP’d.

2) Video Ad

The Video Ad is integrated with Facebook Video and can be played in line. Friends’ comments are visible beneath the video, somewhat like a “wall.”

3) Gifts Ad

The Gifts Ad is integrated with Facebook Gifts, and includes an in-line gift giving call to action. When friends give or receive gifts, it’s visible beneath the ad, along with any comments.

4) Page Ad

The Page Ad is designed to drive fans of Facebook Pages, and allows users to become fans of a Page in line. When users become fans, it’s listed beneath the ad for friends to see.

5) Website Ad

This is similar to any other web advertisement out there – clicking the ad just takes you to the advertiser’s website.

6) House Ad

Facebook backfills the home page inventory with house ads to invite friends and check out Facebook features.

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