The Most Common Facebook Advertising Mistake

Homer Simpson DohI’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of individuals in the past who are responsible for the marketing within an organization. As soon as the concept of Facebook advertising is introduced they get excited, however more often than not, they end up disappointed by their advertising performance. The reason isn’t that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. There’s a reason that Facebook’s revenue is projected to be in the billions this year: Facebook’s self-serve advertising is a booming business. Trust me, marketers aren’t pouring billions into ads because they don’t work. Here’s why most first-time Facebook advertisers fail.

The Standard First-Timer

You login to Facebook and decide to try out your first Facebook advertising campaign. Let’s say you’re promoting an upcoming event. You decide to launch an ad targeting the type of people who are likely to attend. You use some of Facebook’s targeting functionality, thinking that your extra effort with targeting will go a long way. You then proceed to enter in a cost per click that is within Facebook’s estimated cost and limit your budget to $20 a day. That should be good enough for 20 extra people each day who will RSVP to your event!

Unfortunately, the next day you check for performance. A couple extra people RSVPed and you blew through your $20 budget. You have also spent $14 so far today and you aren’t seeing many results. Wow! Facebook advertising sure is expensive, you think to yourself. After a few days of low performance and a couple of ads later with similar results, you finally decide to throw in the towel: Facebook advertising doesn’t work, you conclude.

What Went Wrong?

The primary reason the tool isn’t working is that you didn’t approach it from an educational standpoint. I don’t want to sound like an old man lecturing a group of young ones, however it blows my mind how many people don’t view things from an educational point of view. Instead, they expect the system to perform some sort of miracle and change their life forever, never having to work again a day in their life because they came up with the innovative idea of using Facebook ads. If you happen to be one of the people who expect Facebook ads to perform miracles for you, you should stop right here.

There are many more effective techniques for generating miracles. For starters, you could just sit in your desk at work but rather than working, wish your way into success. Alright, enough of the sarcasm. The main point is this: if you are going to become a master of Facebook advertising, you better be ready to learn. Also, understanding the basics of experimentation, or trial and error, is important to be successful at anything. If you are ready to learn, then go register for our Facebook Marketing Weekly newsletter. We’ll be posting tons of strategies in the coming weeks for mastering Facebook advertising and more.

After the spending a few months with us, and reading the upcoming articles, you should have everything you need to become a Facebook marketing master. We’ll discuss many of the testing strategies that will help you learn from your mistakes. Have you made any interesting mistakes with your Facebook ads so far?