Facebook May Introduce A New Type Of Ad

Facebook will reportedly introduce a new type of advertising this week.

Facebook will reportedly introduce a new type of ad at Advertising Week in New York this week, distinct from the sponsored stories the social network rolled out in January.

Mashable reported that the new premium ad unit will only appear on users’ homepages, and not in their newsfeeds.

The newest ads expand on sponsored stories by adding messages from advertisers to the notices that friends interacted with brands, and then expanding to display a line showing which of the user’s friends have done so.

The new ads allow people to comment and see comments, as well as to like the destination page that the ad directs users to, according to Mashable.

The new advertisement will join a host of other marketing changes introduced by Facebook in recent weeks.

Readers, will you comment on and like ads in this new format?

(Screenshot from Mari Smith on Flickr, via Mashable.)

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