Facebook Advanced Search Is Officially Gone For Good

Last year I noted that Facebook’s advanced search functionality had become de-emphasized and was difficult to access, unless you knew the actual URL. As of this weekend, Facebook has killed advanced profile search all together. That means if you want to browse through users based on their location or profile information, you are going to be forced to use other applications that provide such functionality.

While Facebook still enables some basic search functionality, browsing through local Facebook users is no longer a possibility without including some form of keyword search. Facebook has slowly been phasing out various user search features, some of which probably shouldn’t be removed. For example if you want to view all of your friends in a specific location, you can no longer do so.

It doesn’t make much sense considering that if you travel somewhere, you’ll probably want to filter your friends by geographic network. I’ll save that for another blog post though. For now, all those users that wanted to troll for local Facebook users to either hit on them or just connect in general, will no longer be able to do so. Facebook is officially a place for friends and if you’re looking for anything else, you’ll have to use one of the 80,000+ applications on the platform.

Did you still use Facebook’s profile/advanced search functionality?

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