Facebook Adds “Widowed” Relationship Status

A small but dedicated collection of Facebook users who have lost significant others recently convinced the social network to add a new type of relationship status: Widowed.

It recently became available as a new option in addition to other relationship statuses available for user profiles, like “single” or “married.” You can see the full list of relationship status options Facebook makes available at right.

A few Facebook groups had sprung up to advocate for the change, the largest of which was “Petition for Facebook to create ‘Widowed’ as a relationship status!” with 2,564 members. Before the change, group members had been leaving heartbreaking comments like “you don’t know why this is important until you’ve been widowed.” Now successful in their goal, they’re talking about being able to disband the group.

It’s good to see the company recognize how making such a seemingly simple change can make a big impact on people’s lives.

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