Facebook Adds Subtle "Change Picture" Link in Profiles

Today I noticed a small addition to user profiles: when you view your personal profile and mouse over your avatar, a link for “Change Picture” shows up. It’s such a small change that I almost decided not to write about it but how could I resist when we cover “All Facebook”? Facebook is constantly making minor adjustments and this is one of them. While you could change your profile picture before, this is an easier way to do it.

This could also be an old feature that I’m just now realizing considering that is something that frequently happens to me! The small adjustments made by Facebook clearly have a lot of effort put into them. Through extensive user testing, Facebook has been able to attract users that were previously not engaged on social networks to their site.

They’ve also been able to increase the engagement levels among their active user base. This is a critical differentiating factor for Facebook and something that places them well above the rest. While many other social networks have been mimicking Facebook’s features, few sites have led the charge on implementing new features as Facebook has.

This is one small change for our Facebook profiles, one giant leap for the digital web … just joking! It’s a small change and a much welcomed one. Am I completely late on this feature as usual?