Facebook adds recommendation feature to mobile touch site

Facebook is testing a recommendation tab for some pages on its mobile touch site. As the company continues to build out its mobile pages with social recommendations and additional information, it could become an alternative to Yelp and other location-based search and review products.

In May, users gained the option to read and write recommendations for locations and any page with an address listed on Facebook. Bringing the feature to mobile devices has been an obvious next step so users can learn what their friends and others think of places nearby.

For now, users can access recommendations from m.facebook.com on touch devices, not the native apps. Users can search for a page by name or browse “Nearby.” At the top of the mobile page is a “More” option, which includes “Recommendation” in a drop-down menu. From there, users can write a recommendation (and adjust their privacy settings for the post) or read reviews from friends and the general public. As on the web, the default view is recommendations from friends.

Recommendations are only enabled for pages that are associated with a location. Any fan page can gain this status by adding an address to its info section, though it is likely Facebook will one day expand recommendations to all pages, including consumer goods, websites and other services.

When recommendations become available in Facebook’s mobile apps, stores and restaurants may start including “Recommend us on Facebook” calls to action at their locations, just as they encourage visitors to review them on Yelp. When users write on a page wall, that post can get quickly buried by more recent posts. Recommendations, however, are displayed separately and can be highly influential to a person’s friends and other users. They also generate a News Feed story which includes a link for a person’s friends to also write a recommendation.