Facebook Adds “Recently Updated” Filter Back to Friends Page

Last week, Facebook reoptimized the Friends page for contact list importing and friend list creation – two features vital to Facebook’s future growth and usability. However, at the same time, users complained that the functionality of the old Friends page, which let users see friends’ recent profile updates and status updates, was needlessly removed altogether. Today, Facebook has added a “Recently Updated” filter back to the Friends page and added a “Status Updates” filter back to the home page stream.

The Recently Updated filter on the Friends page now lets users see which profile fields friends have updated lately. Users can see which properties of their profile friends updated, but not the actual text of the old and new versions itself.


statusfilterThe Status Updates filter on the home page is much like the old News Feed filter. Now that Facebook’s home page has switched models from activity updates to explicitly shared information, status updates are already given very high prominence. This new filter will simply filter out all the other shared items from the home page Stream.

Users who want to view status updates by default in their home page stream can drag the Status Updates filter to the top of the filter list.