Facebook Adds Profile Preview Feature

As you may already know, Facebook enables users to control what part of their profile friends can see. Through leveraging friend lists and custom privacy settings you can limit access to various portions including pictures, wall posts, personal information, videos of you as well as other sections of your profile. Now Facebook has added a great feature which enables users to preview how their other friends see it.

To view this new feature mouse over “Settings” at the top of Facebook, then click on “Privacy Settings”. Click on “Profile” within the privacy settings page and you will see a box as pictured in the first photo below. Type in one of your friends’ names and it will show you a preview of how they see your profile. This is a great feature for anybody concerned about what certain friends have access to within your profile.

The addition of this feature emphasizes Facebook’s continuing focus on privacy control. While most users probably don’t understand anything beyond your normal profile and limited profile, a decent portion of them may very well leverage Facebook’s granular privacy settings. This is a much welcomed new feature and it’s great to see Facebook continuing to lead the charge when it comes to user privacy settings.

-Profile Preview Screenshot-

-Profile Preview Screenshot 2-