Facebook Adds People You Know

Earlier this year I reported that Facebook would be adding a friend recommendation tool to the site. Just yesterday they turned on the feature and today I was finally able to view a list of friends that I may be connected to. This is similar to LinkedIn which also began offering the feature recently. As you can view on the left, Facebook displays a couple of individuals that you may be connected to from your homepage and then a complete list on find friends page.

This is one of the tools which we will see become a standard on all sites that are trying to become a center of your social graph. In a world where having 1,000 contacts is no longer a foreign concept, having automated systems for helping us to connect will become increasingly important. This tool illustrates how Facebook is leading the way in becoming a central management system of all of your contacts.

For those not on Facebook, joining is going to become increasingly important. I would also suggest that soon enough, managing granular privacy settings will become a standard practice across all social sites. While it may be initially complex, it is the kind of control that all individuals have a right to when surfing the social web. Have you benefited from this new friend suggestion tool?

Friends You Know Screenshot