Facebook creates duplicate page finder tool for admins to report unofficial pages

Some Facebook page owners are seeing a new “Report Duplicates” module that allows them to search for pages related to their own and report those that are unofficial. Facebook will review the duplicates and then recategorize them as community pages that link back to the official fan page.

This feature, which appears in the “Edit Page/Update Info” dashboard of some Facebook pages, will help page owners address the common problem of fan-created pages being confused with official pages. The screenshot below is from All Facebook, which first wrote about the change.

When a page is designated as a community page, it will say so beneath the page name and include a link to the main fan page. Community pages are similarly distinguished in search results, though many users might not notice the difference. Unlike Twitter, which offers verified accounts, Facebook doesn’t give official pages any designation. Typically users look at the number of Likes as a gauge.

Page owners who do not have the new duplicate page finder tool in their dashboard can use Facebook’s main search bar to look for related pages. If they find duplicate pages that are not properly designated as community pages, they can report them directly by clicking the gear icon beneath the page’s cover photo and clicking “report page.” This leads to a dialog where users can indicate which official page it is a duplicate of.

We’d like to see Facebook create a crowdsourcing tool to allow users to easily report duplicate or miscategorized pages. Last year the social network added a Places Editor app for anyone in the community to contribute details to place page listings and identify duplicates. A similar app for fan pages would help clean up Facebook’s database, which would improve search and lead more users to a brand or public figure’s official page.