Facebook Adds Seven More Ad Providers to Approved List for Developers

After releasing a very short list of ad providers that it has approved to work with developers on the platform last month, Facebook has added seven more names in the past week or so. Readers will recognize many of them as having been active on Facebook for years.

The newly-listed companies:

For those who haven’t been following, Facebook made the list to create another checkpoint for ad quality. In past years, it has not policed who provided what kind of ads on the platform as tightly, and many service providers competed to generate the highest revenues for developers regardless of quality. The result was a lot of misleading advertising in applications, whether in the forms of banners, offers or other promotions.

Facebook has been steadily upping the requirements for who can provide ads, banning some unscrupulous ad networks over the course of 2009, and increasing scrutiny of all providers and developers after a round of hard-hitting media coverage of the offers business in social games in the fall of that year. It introduced a range of new restrictions and transparency requirements over the course of the 2010.

This list is even more definitive. Facebook first requires ad providers to sign on to its site policies (against practices like running deceptive ads); then, once a given provider is listed, Facebook still holds developers accountable for the provider’s ongoing compliance with the policies, which we briefly reviewed here. Our coverage of the other ones more recently added, here.

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