Facebook Adds "Like" Rating Feature

If you’re a Facebook user who have so many contacts, chances are you’re getting tired of posting comments on their updates, uploaded photos, shared links, and their other Facebook activities. What we usually do is to click on the commenting feature just to say a word or two telling our friends that we like what they’ve shared or posted. Now, we don’t have to use the commenting feature anymore for those trivial comments as Facebook has just introduced the “Like” rating feature.

The link now appears below your Facebook friend’s status update. And clicking on this link will add you to the list of those who have said “i like this” to the status updates. If you haven’t added to those people, you would the number of Facebook users who have “liked” the update.

You can still use the “comment” feature though if you so desire. Right after adding yourself to the list of people who “liked” the update, the comment box will stay active until, you’ve entered a longer comment.

This is a pretty useful feature and adds to the novelty of Facebook status updates. Interestingly, if you’ve been using Friendfeed, this is similar to its “like” feature with the smiley face. On Facebook, “liking” an update puts the thumbs up sign for that update.