Facebook adds label cohorts, retention charts to app analytics


Facebook on Tuesday introduced two new analytics tools for app developers.

Now app developers will have access to label cohorts and retention charts within app insights. Through label cohorts, developers can create groups of people within their app and measure important factors, such as revenue or time spent in the app, against their app as a whole. With retention charts, developers can analyze how well the app is retaining users over time, making it easier to see if certain changes corresponded to a dip or rise in engagement or retention.

Facebook’s Ravi Grover described how label cohorts will lead to a greater understanding of performance:

First, we’ve made it easier for you to understand the performance of your app by introducing label cohorts. Label cohorts allow you to categorize groups of people who use your app and measure important factors, like revenue or time spent in the app. For example, you can create label cohorts to automatically follow a group of people who installed your app from a specific ad set, so you can understand how much time that group spent in your app and how much money they spent through in-app purchases.

Grover also discussed in a blog post the retention charts, as seen above:

The retention chart is available for all the events you log. If you are also logging purchases, you can see what percent of people are making purchases on the day they installed the app, and what percent of people are making purchases on any number of days (up until 14 weeks) after installing the app. If your app is logging ‘level 20 complete’, you can see the percentage of people who completed level 20 after day 60 to understand how difficult your app might be. All of these insights will now enable you to enhance your current app strategies to improve the performance of your app.