Facebook adds job listings for customs and trade manager, Korean language specialist, Internet marketing analysts and more

Facebook added 41 new listings to its careers page this week, including a number of openings on the business operations, marketing communications, analytics, growth and regional sales teams.

An interesting new position has opened for a customs and trade manager, likely to help Facebook expand its Gifts product internationally. The company is looking for an expert in customs and international trade laws and regulations across various jurisdictions.

New listings added to Facebook’s careers page:

  • Business Operations Associate, Platform (Menlo Park)
  • Business Operations Associate, SMB (Menlo Park)
  • Customs and Trade Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Administrative Assistant (Menlo Park)
  • Commercial Counsel (Menlo Park)
  • Language Specialist, Korean (Menlo Park)
  • Legal Compliance Specialist: Vendor Management and Compliance (Menlo Park)
  • Coordinator Program Lead (Menlo Park)
  • Communication Designer (Menlo Park)
  • Data Center Technician (Prineville)
  • Hardware Sourcing Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Technical Program Manager, Infrastructure Engineering (Menlo Park)
  • Internet Marketing Analyst, SMS (Menlo Park)
  • Internet Marketing Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Marketing Communications – Content & Go to Market (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Marketing Communications, Education (Menlo Park)
  • Associate, Marketing Communications – Content & Go to Market (Menlo Park)
  • Associate, Marketing Communications, Education (Menlo Park)
  • Marketing Communications Manager Asia Pacific (Singapore) (Singapore)
  • Analyst, Developer Operations (Menlo Park)
  • Associate, Developer Operations (Menlo Park)
  • Analyst, User Operations, Intellectual Property – Italian (Dublin) (Dublin)
  • Manager, Analytics (Menlo Park)
  • Manager, Operations Support (Menlo Park)
  • Account Manager (Toronto)
  • Associate EMEA Sales & Business Development – Contract (London)
  • Media Solutions (Direct Response), Sydney (Australia) (Sydney)
  • Media Solutions, Seoul (Korea) (Seoul)
  • Media Solutions, Singapore (Hong Kong – Singapore)
  • Media Solutions, Sydney (Australia) (Sydney)
  • Media Solutions, Tokyo (Japan) (Tokyo)
  • Team Lead, Media Solutions (India) (Hyderabad)
  • Team Lead, Media Solutions (Japan) (Tokyo)
  • Team Lead, Media Solutions (Singapore) (Singapore)
  • Regional Manager, SMB Latin America (São Paulo)
  • SMB Growth Analyst (São Paulo)
  • Account Coordinator Toronto – Contract (Toronto)
  • Client Partner New Zealand (Auckland) (Auckland)
  • Global Business Manager, APAC (Singapore) (Singapore)
  • Head of Sales, Asia Pacific (Singapore) (Singapore)
  • Data Engineer, UI & Tools (Menlo Park)

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