Facebook adds iOS and Mac development studio Acrylic to design team

Facebook has hired the team behind Acrylic, a development studio that makes iOS and Mac software, including news reader Pulp and secure database app Wallet.

[Update 7/20/12 1:22 p.m. PT – AllThingsD reports that Acrylic is only one person: designer and engineer Dustin MacDonald.]

The social network did not acquire Acrylic’s products or services, according to a blog post on Acrylic’s website. Acrylic says Wallet and Pulp will remain available for download and purchase in their current form, but the company will not continue with any further development on them.

This is yet another mobile-focused hire for Facebook, which picked up the team behind Spool earlier this week. Other recent acqui-hires include Pieceable SoftwareLightbox and Bolt Peters.

Acrylic’s Pulp is a news app for Mac and iPad that allows users to turn news sites into a personalized newspaper with easy-to-scan headlines, previews and photos. Wallet is a personal database app for Mac, iPad and iPhone, where users can store web passwords, software license keys, credit card numbers and other sensitive data. See screenshots of the apps below.

Acrylic designer and engineer Dustin MacDonald said about the move to Facebook:

“Facebook is an invaluable service that we all use daily, and a company I believe is one of the most innovative and important around today. After visiting late last year, I discovered that we shared many of the same core product design goals and principles, and it soon became obvious that it was a natural fit. Simply put, there’s an opportunity at Facebook to have a big impact in many people’s lives. More importantly, Facebook is full of extremely talented people who will be able to help realize its full potential in the years to come.”