Facebook Adds Flash… Am I Excited?

With the usual fever that Facebook causes news of its flash application, via Facebook Pages, is all the buzz on the blogs and tech journals the past couple of days. Most of the blogs are preaching the praise of this move and I have to agree, for the most part.

Facebook has agreed to allow business and band to use and embed flash applications into their profile pages. Allowing business and services to create dynamic web pages is a good move. Typically bands, business, and professionals create well thought out interesting pages.

How long until this migrates to the rest of the Facebook world? We all remember a little website called Myspace right? I have a Myspace page, I think it is still there, but I never visit it because any page I try to look at on Myspace is littered with flash applications that take 2 weeks to open.

Do you remember what it is like to open someones Myspace page? Songs, videos, slide shows and a million other applications open on my laptop in one fail swoop. Again, I am excited Facebook will be allowing certain pages to include flash. My fear, and it probably will happen, is that my Facebook friends accounts will become an barrage of flash applications that cause me never to open them again.

Facebook has a habit of making some pretty good moves. Its business development department is in great hands but please let me be wrong on this. Don’t let Facebook pages fall into the realm of Hamster Dance and Flying Toasters. Is anyone else frightened about flash slowly making its way into Facebook? Let me know.