Facebook Adds Fan Feature To Poll And Event Engagement Ads

-Fan Engagement Ad-Facebook has a number of engagement ads which are displayed on the homepage. The most popular are those which let users click on the “Become a Fan” button directly under and image or video about the product, service, or brand. As of today, polling and event engagement ads include the ability to become a fan immediately after RSVPing for the event or completing the poll. It’s a great way for the advertisers to get ongoing engagement beyond the life span of the ad.

The new ads are fairly straight forward. As soon as the user is completed with their first action, they are prompted to become a fan, as pictured in the image above. Facebook has been experiencing a lot of success in selling large brand ad campaigns which convert users into fans. As I’ve written in the past, there has become an underground ecosystem of ad networks which provide advertisers with ads on a “cost per fan” basis.

Facebook however sells all homepage advertisements on a flat CPM basis. Brands continue to purchase ads though as campaigns are converted into communities where company’s can continue to engage the users. While you can only purchase these types of ads directly from Facebook, if you’re working for a larger company, these new engagement ads are something that you may want to look into.