Facebook adds Cool Popup Feature to News Feeds

Facebook has added a new feature to our News Feeds. When you hover your mouse over a name or a website, additional information pops up in a small box. This rollover action appears to make it easier to find out information about people and websites, as well as send messages or add new friends with only a single click. What do you think about this new feature?

When hovering over a friend’s name, the box includes a larger profile picture than the small thumbnail in the News Feed, their network, the number of mutual friends between you and six random profile pictures of these friends, as well as the option to send them a message. If the name you’re hovering over is not a friend, all of this information will be available as well as the option to add them with a click. Hover over a website, and you’ll see how many people like it in total, as well as how many of your friends like it.

We explored our News Feeds to see where the popup was appearing and found some interesting things. The popup appears on groups that your friends are joining, and includes the total number of people in the group. Events will show how many people are attending in total, how many of your friends are attending, and gives you the option to RSVP at the bottom of the popup. Pages that appear in your News Feed display the number of likes they have in total and how many of your friends like.

We are still exploring this new feature, and we’ll have more information about it in the near future.