Facebook Adds Anniversaries To Relationship Statuses

Do you happen to regularly forget your anniversary? While you should probably feel ashamed of yourself, worry no longer! Facebook has begun providing users with an easy way to share their anniversary as well as receive reminders about their impending anniversary. It’s a subtle change, however Facebook is well known for their attention to detail. This change highlights Facebook’s ongoing attention to the smaller things.

For those that are curious about the privacy implications of this: your anniversary will be shared based on the information you select in the Profile Information privacy page next to “Family and Relationship”. As we wrote in the new Facebook privacy guide, it often makes sense to hide all relationship information from others. However many people take pride in sharing their relationship information.

For those individuals, feel free to add your anniversary to the information shared. In the future Facebook also plans on posting the anniversaries of your friends if they’ve chosen to share that information. Personally I find it hard to stay on top of birthdays so adding anniversaries to upcoming events will surely become overwhelming. The again, it’s always useful to be automatically updated about important events in the lives of your closest friends.

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