Facebook Adds Alternative Payment Options for Facebook Credits in 13 Countries

Facebook is announcing new alternative payment options for developers located 13 countries in Asia and Latin America looking to implement Facebook Credits. These payment options, supported by Live Gamer, will be added to Facebook’s existing Facebook Credit payments options starting July 1.

Facebook also says that it now supports payouts to developers in virtually all countries not hindered by government embargoes, even if a country can’t receive payouts from PayPal or specific banks. To get around this complication, the social network crafted a new pay-out process that goes through local bank accounts.

Facebook says that developers in specific countries may need to provide additional documentation to receive payouts through local banks, such as tax identification numbers (full list here). Payout is the means by which a developer converts in-app currency exchanges to real money that the developer can then deposit into its bank accounts. Facebook Credits payouts occur twice monthly. A list of current Facebook Credit payment options is right here.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the Road to Facebook Credits article series.

ETA: Payouts are currently available through local bank accounts now. The Live Gamer-supported payouts will launch closer to July 1.