Facebook to Launch Jabber Support for Chat

Since Facebook Chat launched a few weeks ago, chat application developers have been clamoring for the ability to integrate Facebook Chat into their apps via Jabber/XMPP. Tonight, Facebook will announce upcoming support for a Jabber interface to Facebook Chat that will allow users of third parties to:

  • Chat with your friends inside Facebook from the client of your choosing
  • See which of your friends are online and view their profile pictures
  • Set your status

Jabber support marks a major step forward in the evolution of Facebook Chat. Some applications, like Adium and Digsby, have already launched Facebook integration even though the company has not officially launched Jabber support.

However, Facebook hopes that application developers will take chat in new and creative directions given their ability to plug into Facebook’s already vibrant platform. New kinds of real-time applications are now possible given access to Facebook’s social graph. For example, Facebook chat client Social.im could help Facebook app developers reach users when they’re not on Facebook with new kinds of “system tray” notifications. Xfire, an IM client for gamers, could do the same. Where do you want to see Facebook chat integration?

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