Facebook Is Changing the Way It Records Ad Revenue Overseas

Recording will occur in countries where the social network has sales support offices

Facebook’s wants to complete this change by the first half of 2019

Facebook announced a change in the way it reports advertising revenue for taxation purposes in foreign countries.

Chief financial officer Dave Wehner announced in a Newsroom post that ad revenue in countries where Facebook already has offices that support sales to local advertisers will be recorded in those countries, rather than in Dublin, where the company has its international headquarters.

He added that Facebook’s goal is to complete this change for all applicable countries by the first half of 2019, writing, “We believe that moving to a local selling structure will provide more transparency to governments and policy makers around the world who have called for greater visibility over the revenue associated with locally supported sales in their countries.”

Facebook has faced criticism in the past for funneling international ad revenue through Ireland rather than through the countries where the ads actually ran.