Facebook Ad Providers Will Compete On Appatyze

Appatyze has opened the first online auction for trading advertising that appears within Facebook applications.

Appatyze has opened its doors, touting the first online auction for trading advertising that would appear within Facebook applications.

A spokesperson for the company says

Appatyze is designed to be used primarily by social application developers. It’s the first time advertisers can target their ads on specific applications. They can use appatyze as an advertiser to promote their apps and gain users, they can also use it as a developer, hosting third party apps on their applications to generate ad revenue. It is not something that at present is open for other advertising providers to use.

The spokesperson who sent us the Appatyze release tried to position the third-party website as an opportunity to fill in the gap left by Google AdSense not making Facebook’s list of approved ad providers. But we didn’t fall for that, since the lost revenue could run as high as 45 percent.
However, making the advertising providers compete would certainly force them to offer the most compelling revenue options possible. So while a developer might not be able to recoup all of the revenues lost from not being able to work with AdSense, there might be some cost benefits in Appatyze’s offering.
Appatyze’s official spokesperson agreed, “The task ahead for us, for sure is to be seen as a good plan B… A developer (big or small) can have a hit on their hands and is just worried on how they can monetize it, even not make a loss… What I’m most impressed about with Appatyze is how simple the backend and analytics are to use. The platform is also dedicated to Facebook initially, so unlike our rivals we’re not bringing in technology from the web into Facebook, which makes for a more seamless experience.”
Would you be willing to try a marketplace in which Facebook’s 77 currently approved advertising providers compete for the opportunity to place ads in your applications?