One Killer Tactic To Boost Your Facebook Ad Performance

While there are numerous ways to increase performance of your Facebook ad campaigns through ad copy and images, there are also a number of ways to improve performance through more effective targeting. As I mentioned in yesterday’s article about using CPM vs CPC bids, testing is critical to increasing your advertising performance. One of the best tools for measuring your ads performance is Facebook’s reporting feature, and one of the most important reports is called “Responder Demographics”.

The key to improving the effectiveness of your ad campaigns is looking at what demographics are responding the most and go after them. By increasing your ad’s click through rate you will not only increase your campaign’s performance but also reduce the overall cost. So how do you accomplish this exactly? Here’s a step by step guide.

Create The Responder Demographics Report

To discover what demographic groups are performing the best, head over to the reports area of your advertising account. Then select “Responder Demographics” from the report type and configure your report to be somewhat similar to the image below. While you can adjust the settings as necessary, I like to view the demographics by every single ad as it’s the most granular data.

Responder Demographics Screenshot

Find Highest Performing Demographics

After you’ve generated the report, you’ll want to click on the “CTR” (click through rate as defined in our Facebook Marketing Dictionary) column until you find the highest performing demographic groups. As the image below depicts, we found the highest performing demographic for one of our campaigns to be women who were 40 and up.

Responder Demographics Report

Target Just Those Demographics

Since we’ve found this group to perform the best, the next step is to recreate our ad campaigns only targeting those demographic groups. Doing this will effectively cut out all the low-performing demographic groups which waste your impressions and can end up driving up the cost of your campaigns. While this won’t always reduce the cost of your campaigns it will at a minimum increase the overall performance, and on average increasing performance will reduce cost in the short-term.

Ad Targeting Screenshot


This is just one of many techniques to increase the performance of your overall ad campaign. If you haven’t yet tried out Facebook ads, you can get $25 in ad credits for free by entering the ad coupon code “afblog-sept2010” next time you create an ad campaign. If you want to stay on top of all the latest Facebook advertising strategies, make sure that you subscribe to our Facebook Marketing weekly newsletter. We’ll continue covering this topic in more depth over the coming weeks and months.

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