89% Of Ad Agencies Use Facebook In Campaigns: Survey

It is still too early to tell what affect the launch of Facebook's Open Graph will have on social media advertising, according to 64 percent of ad agency respondents to the latest quarterly survey by Strata.

While 89 percent of advertising agencies plan to use Facebook in their campaigns, 64 percent believe it’s still too early to tell how the launch of Facebook’s Open Graph will affect social media ads.

The latest quarterly survey by Strata, a provider of ad systems for media buyers and sellers, also found that:

  • 89 percent of respondents said they would use Facebook in their campaigns during the third quarter, representing a gain of 10 percent from Strata’s second-quarter survey;
  • Digital is catching up to local TV as the medium of choice, rising 43 percent compared with the second quarter to 34 percent of ad buys, trailing local TV by just 1 percent.
  • 85 percent of respondents said they are more focused on digital this year than they were in 2010.
  • 20 percent of respondents said they will spend more on digital than on traditional media within one to three years, while 36 percent said that will never happen at their agencies.
  • 56 percent of agencies responded that their clients see the value in digital, while 44 percent said the opposite.
  • As far as Facebook’s competitors in the social networking sector, YouTube overtook Twitter for second place, with 39 percent of ad agencies investing in the Google-owned video site and 37 percent fin the 140-character service. LinkedIn was mentioned by 22 percent of respondents as a network they would use in their campaigns, while Google Plus lagged behind, at just 14 percent.

Readers, what do you make of the statistics tabulated by Strata?