Clickable Ups Your Ante In Facebook Ad Bidding

Which Facebook advertising opportunities should you bid on, and how much? Clickable can help marketing managers fine tune the answers to those questions.

Which Facebook advertising campaigns should you bid on, and how much? Clickable can help marketing managers find better answers to those questions.

Clickable rolled out Social ActEngine, a collection of algorithms for the Facebook Advertising Suite debuted in January, which manages advertising budgets and determine the optimal amount for bids on engagement campaigns.

Social ActEngine also syncs with Facebook on an hourly basis, ensuring timely analytics and data.

Facebook-focused digital ad agency TBG Digital said last month that its research found that deploying ads at the proper time could boost return on investment by as much as 116 percent, and TBG’s One Media Manager performs tasks similar to those described by Clickable for Social ActEngine.

The company said its algorithms reallocate budgets for individual campaigns after an overall target budget is set, and can be set to automatically conduct budget and bid automation, or only the latter.

Social ActEngine also tests and assigns priorities to ads within campaigns.

Facebook Advertising Suite is part of Clickable’s Pro tool, which also manages advertising across Google and Bing. Other additions this year have included:

  • Ads builder allows advertisers to mine a collection of images, copy, and target audiences and create and deploy up to 8,000 ads simultaneously;
  • Media and target libraries enable the storage of content assets for future use, along with tagging and descriptions;
  • Ad rotation, automated delivery of different variations of ads; and
  • The integration of Facebook engagement metrics with Clickable’s conversion tracking.

Readers who use Facebook for advertising purposes: Have you deployed any bid-management and optimization tools, and what have your experiences been?