Facebook Acquiring Drones to Connect Africa to the Internet

Social network giant, Facebook, is seeking to deliver the internet to parts of Africa using 11,000 Solara drones. The unmanned aerial vehicles would behave as low flying satellites, capable of streaming internet data to underdeveloped regions that currently have limited access. The drones will come from Titan Aerospace, a company that Facebook is looking to acquire. Below, you can view a video of the technology behind Titan Aerospace’s Solara.

The project is part of Facebook’s non-profit arm, the Internet.org, an initiative seeking to bring affordable internet connections to 5 billion people in developing regions without access. Last week, the organization announced a plan to bring curriculum to Rwandan students using the social connectivity of Facebook and affordable Nokia smartphones. By bringing even slow data to the region, the organization can maintain the educational program beyond the initial year of free data provided by Airtel.

Via Techcrunch