Facebook Acquires Link Sharing Apps Branch and Potluck

potluckThe acquisition season is still continuing, and this time, it’s Facebook’s acquisition of Branch, whose apps are all about sharing. Banch’s CEO Josh Miller shared the big news, appropriately, on Facebook:

After two years building Branch and Potluck, I am thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our mission at Facebook!

We will be forming Facebook’s Conversations group, based in New York City, with the goal of helping people connect with others around their interests. Their pitch to us was: “Build Branch at Facebook scale!” 

Although the products we build will be reminiscent of Branch and Potluck, those services will live on outside of Facebook. A more thoughtful note and details to come soon but I am writing this haphazardly from a mountain in Japan (I was tipped that the story was going to leak while on vacation).

We’ve feature the app Potluck before on Appnewser. Designed to be a de-socialized format for discovering news based on faceless, icon-less sharing so users never knew which person shared which link leaving the headlines to get more attention. It was predominantly used by media and journalists.

A broader and larger version of that might be the focus for Miller and Facebook, as outlined in this lengthy Medium article he wrote a few weeks ago:

If the next Facebook products are going to be successful, and truly take advantage of the size and density of their network, my hunch is they’ll need to spend as much time working on (new) brand design as they do on product design.