Are Facebook Accounts Being Randomly Disabled?

Over the past two weeks I have been seeing a spike in the number of users emailing me to see how they can get their Facebook account re-enabled. Why are they emailing me you ask? Well, they’ve emailed Facebook, haven’t received a response and are now trying to figure out how to get their account back. While I’m sure that the frequency of these e-mails will increase as the site grows in size, over the past couple weeks I’ve seen a large increase in the volume of such emails.

I can’t explain what has taken place but my guess is that it’s a result of two things: Facebook is increasing in size rapidly and the “Koobface virus” has not been eliminated. Given that users have their passwords stolen or phished via the Koobface virus, their account will also be shut down once Facebook’s automated algorithm determines that they’ve been posting too many wall posts on their friends’ accounts.

The end result is that a user ends up locked out of their account and regularly hears nothing back from Facebook. For first time offenders accounts are usually back up and running within days but occasionally it takes longer depending on what happened. My guess is that Facebook automatically re-enables all accounts of first time offenders after a few days. This is because they must get thousands of emails every day about account cancellations.

For more substantial violations or repeat offenders, users will have to go back and forth with Facebook directly which can be a time consuming process. My best guess is that the Koobface virus is the primary cause of the spike in accounts being disabled. Have you had your account disabled ever? How long did it take before you got your account back?