Facebook 2.0 for Windows Phone: Push Notifications for Tiles and Toasts

The Microsoft-developed Facebook for Windows Phone had a major update released this week. Interestingly, but appropriately, it was announced on a Facebook page but not in the official Windows Phone blog.

Facebook 2.0 is now available

The biggest change in the 2.0 release is what Microsoft calls a preview of push notifications (toast and tiles). By “preview,” they refer to the upcoming Windows Phone “Mango” update which brings multi-tasking and deeper integration with Facebook and a new integration with Twitter. There is a long list of notification types that you can choose from in the app’s settings page.

Wall post
Feed comment
Feed comment reply
Photo tag
Photo comment
Tagged photo comment
Friend request
Friend confirmation

Tiles refers to the tiles on the front page that points to apps or content. The Facebook tile now can show the number of notifications you have waiting. Toast refers to the notifications that appear even on locked screens letting you know who has triggered an event (one of the notification types listed above). Toasts do not appear to be one-to-one. So, you will not get hundreds of notifications draining your battery.