Facebook Surpasses 190 Million Users, Weeks Away From 200 Million

According to public statistics and statements made by Facebook (combined with our own estimates), the company has surpassed 190 million users and should surpass 200 million users before the end of the month. At the end of February, Mark Zuckerberg told MSNBC that the company was growing by over 700,000 users a day, including 1 million a week in the United States alone. The company also announced that they surpassed 175 million users back on February 13th.

Rather than slowing in growth, as MySpace has experienced, growth has increased in terms of the absolute number of active users. Facebook also claims that the number of users returning daily still hovers around 50 percent of active users. If Facebook can continue at this pace, the company should easily surpass 300 million users before the end of the year, which is approximately 20 percent of the total internet population.

The company is also hoping that growth continues as they roll out new products and continue to open up developer access to valuable platform data. Facebook’s growth continues to increase as the company expands its reach into new demographics. Today’s news that the company has been translated into Hebrew and Arabic, amounting to over 40 languages, further supports Facebook’s international expansion.

If Facebook can continue such phenomenal growth, there’s a good chance that half of the global internet population will be on Facebook by the end of next year. That’s an unscientific assertion though so don’t quote it! Whether or not the company can obtain such a massive saturation has yet to be seen but there’s no doubt that the company is on the fast track to global social network domination.

Now all that remains is a breakthrough business model but perhaps that is right around the corner. How would you monetize 190 million users?