Facebook Now Available For Windows Mobile Touchscreen

Many of the features of that iPhone Facebook users are already familiar with are now available for Windows Mobile (WinMo) touchscreen phones. While Facebook is available on many mobile devices, those applications which have been custom built for mobile platforms have been extremely popular. With over 100 million Facebook users currently accessing Facebook on their mobile devices, this application will surely be a welcomed addition.

New features of the Facebook 1.2 for Windows Mobile include:

  • Friend search.
  • Access friend requests.
  • Send messages to Facebook friends, or calling them.
  • Upload pictures and video taken directly from the phone.
  • Manage your profile, including updating profile pic.
  • Post status updates.
  • Comment and “Like” Wall items.
  • Share photos and status updates to Windows Live sites.
  • Install the app on a memory card instead of native phone memory. (This is due to a recent change in Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace, not from the Facebook 1.2 app per se.) If you’re a Windows Mobile user, you’ll need to download the new Marketplace client to your handset to have the ability to install to your memory card.

You can download the app from the Windows Phone Marketplace. We haven’t tried this application, but comments on the download page suggest there are some problems with it, and that it’s labelled incorrectly in terms of version number. Also, if you are outside the U.S., you need to change “World View”.

Additional sources: Softpedia.

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