Facebook’s Webinar for Social Good Provides Nonprofits Tips

Facebook livestreamed the Webinar for Social Good yesterday, aimed at helping non-profits and social good organizations get the most out of the platform. The webinar was hosted by Facebook’s Charles Porch, who works in consumer marketing for the company, and included three non-profit workers, and Facebook Pages associate Morin Oluwole, and featured Porch’s tips for non-profits using Facebook.

Non-profit participants included Esther Choi, deputy director of interactive marketing for UNICEF, Chelsea Bocci, community marketing director for Kiva and Carolee Hazard, founder of The 93 Dollar Club. The women answered questions from people watching the livestream and also gave their top three tips for successful Page marketing for non-profits. We’d written on this topic previously ourselves.

Here are some of the suggestions. When marketing on Facebook, incorporate fans who already created Pages or Groups into your official site. Include fans as much as possible in organizational activities, such as competitions and voting, diversity content between educational/inspiring content and promotional posts and don’t be afraid to experiment to see what works.

UNICEF’s Choi said her top three tips were: keep it real, keep it regulated (organized, planned) and keep it ROI-centric, meaning invest in your return, but also think about the long-term. Kiva’s Bocci repeated the need to balance promotional content with other types of information, involve fans in personal ways and respond to fan posts on the Page. Founder of The 93 Dollar Club Hazard said to always remember that powerful stories go a long way on Facebook, be authentic and true and don’t put out too much information.

Oluwole also gave tips and answered questions during the webinar before Porch gave his Top 10 tips.

These included create a voice, program your Page, use visuals, push information and also pull a response, highlight your supporters, engage with other groups to tap into their audiences, get creative with Facebook features such as Places, use Insights to get to know your fans and market your presence on Facebook. To access to the webinar visit Facebook Live.