Facebook’s Video Stats Show Growth in Uploads and Views

Facebook disclosed this week that more than 20 million videos are uploaded to the social networking site every month, helping to generate more than 2 billion video views over the same period.

The pace at which people are uploading videos to Facebook has started to grow a lot more quickly in 2010 than it did in 2009, which isn’t surprising considering that Facebook itself has quickly grown to what we believe is now around 500 million monthly active users.

NewTeeVee reported that in March of 2009 Facebook reported an average of 12 million video uploads a month, or 415,000 a day, and that about 40% of these came from webcams. Facebook said that 14 million videos were being uploaded every month, as of September last year. The number increased by 2 million in the span of six months in 2009,  and eight months later it increased by 8 million more uploads.

There’s also some comScore’s Video Metrix tracks online video views and found that 178 million U.S. users watched a video in April. Of these Google ranked first in the number of unique viewers (YouTube), followed by Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, Vevo and Facebook.

Facebook ranked fifth, with more than 41.1 million unique viewers watching an average of 5.6 videos. By way of comparison, Google/YouTube had more than 136.2 million unique viewers watching an average of 96 videos. However, Facebook beat out CBS Interactive with 39.2 million uniques watching an average of 8.1 videos, Hulu with 38.7 million uniques watching an average of 24.7 videos, Viacom with 38.4 million uniques watching an average of 10 videos and the Turner Network, 32.5 million unique visitors watching 9.4 videos on average.

Facebook users may be watching fewer videos per person because they are busy doing other things, like commenting on status updates, browsing friends’ photos, and playing games.

Whatever the case, it seems Facebook’s video uploads are growing much faster now than they have been. This is probably related to more than a quarter of Facebook’s users now accessing the service via mobile devices (devices that more frequently than ever come equipped with video cameras).

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