Facebook’s Traffic, Advertising, and Trends by the Numbers – at Inside Facebook Gold, March 2011 Edition

The shortest month of the year was nonetheless a strong growth month for Facebook, with gains in many of its mature key markets. The United States, Canada, the UK, and a number of other country markets across the European region all added users at a robust rate of growth in February, with additional gains affecting South Korea and Japan, two of Facebook’s target markets for 2011.

The full breakdown, including details on Facebook’s emerging role in the Middle East and East Asia, is available in this month’s edition of Inside Facebook Gold.

Inside Facebook Gold is Inside Network’s business intelligence service that supplies monthly data on Facebook’s growth outlook through a comprehensive data feed service and expert analysis.

The March 2011 edition of Inside Facebook Gold includes:

  • Global Data Feed Service, a comprehensive data CSV supplying vital stats on Facebook’s audience size, demographic distribution, advertising business, and global language distribution.
  • Facebook Monthly Growth Report, an analytical review of audience change by country markets, and demographic and linguistic groups, with focused reporting on the company’s growing international platform ecosystem.
  • Facebook Global Monitor, 100 pages of leaderboards and charts covering audience change in 160 Facebook country markets.
  • DealWatch, a summary and analysis of all the funding and acquisition events, major hires, and partnerships that have taken place in the Facebook business ecosystem, and in social games and payments.

Inside Facebook Gold is a data and intelligence service designed for analysts seeking to understand and maximize opportunities in the Facebook ecosystem, and presents data on key indicators ranging from the site’s traffic growth to its advertising business and its robust applications platform.

Download the March 2011 intelligence suite at Inside Facebook Gold.