Facebook’s Top 20 Gaining Pages: Megan Fox, Gaga, South Park, More Music and TV

Facebook’s Top 20 Facebook Pages this week were mostly related to musicians, most of whom were either nominated or performed at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. There were a few TV shows, many from Fox, that were gearing up for their fall premieres later this month and a few random Pages including YouTube, Megan Fox and Facebook.

Our data comes from our tool PageData, which counts the number of Likes added to a Page each day. It took between about 523,800 and 310,000 new Likes to make the list this week.

Top Gainers This Week

NameFansGainGain, %
2.Lady Gaga17,585,794+514,495+3.01
4.South Park12,433,232+462,508+3.86
6.Family Guy16,924,495+425,884+2.58
7.Justin Bieber11,194,831+423,552+3.93
8.Lil Wayne11,405,390+411,762+3.75
10.Megan Fox13,124,020+371,413+2.91
11.The Simpsons6,879,257+370,125+5.69
12.Katy Perry8,110,833+364,863+4.71
14.Linkin Park11,942,864+355,577+3.07
15.Selena Gomez8,926,753+329,442+3.83
16.Michael Jackson19,695,814+321,555+1.66
18.Taylor Swift10,075,778+315,832+3.24
19.David Guetta8,389,946+312,045+3.86

A group of Pages that were not TV- or music-related was small, but included Facebook in first place on our list this week. Facebook added 523,800 Likes to its Page to grow to 18.2 million. In third place was YouTube’s Page, adding 499,000 to reach a total of 12.8 million. Megan Fox’s Page took tenth place this week, adding 371,400 Likes to a Page 13.1 million strong; she posted an ad teaser for her Armani underwear campaign.

Onto the musicians.

Lady Gaga ruled the VMAs, both with her crazy outfits and her nominations/wins, and so took second place this week, adding 514,500 Likes and now boasts a total of 17.5 million Likes on her Page. Eminem also performed at the event, came in fifth place, added 457,500 Likes to grow his Page to 12.8 million. Justin Bieber was also on hand at the awards show, added 423,600 Likes to grow his Page to 11.1 million.

Lil Wayne wasn’t at the VMAs because he’s still in jail but his sporadic updates have helped his Page take eighth place, add 411,800 Likes and grow to a 11.4 million total. Shakira followed at number 9, adding 400,500 fans to a 8.2 million total by promoting her new fragrance and eminent world tour. Katy Perry, also a VMA presence, added 364,900 Likes to take twelfth place with a total of 8.1 million fans; she’s been touring, promoting her TV appearances, remixes and perfume. Rihanna was next at number 13, adding 361,800 Likes to a Page that now has 8.6 million fans; she’s premiered a new single on Sunday.

Fourteenth place Linkin Park was also a presence at the VMAs, the band has been promoting its singles and new album and setting up its current tour. The band added 355,600 Likes to grow to 11.9 million. Then there was Selena Gomez at number 15, who added 329,400 Likes to her 8.9 million-strong Page. Michael Jackson’s Page came in at number 16, adding 321,600 Likes to the Page’s 19.6 million fans.

Beyoncé came next at 17, adding 317,600 Likes to pass 7 million; she won an award at the VMAs and has been promoting her fragrance on Facebook. Taylor Swift was number 18, adding 315,800 Likes to pass 10 million; she also performed at the VMAs and had performed at a football game. Finally, DJ David Guetta was number 19, adding 312,000 Likes to reach 8.3 million.