Facebook’s Top 10 Status Update Trends of 2010 Reflect Its Global Youth

Facebook posted a blog today revealing the top 10 status update trends over the past year. Interesting, many of these pertained to youthful fads like Justin Bieber and the acronym HMU (“hit me up”) but also there were several that reflected Facebook’s increasingly global reach with references to the World Cup, Haiti and the Chilean miners.

The status update trends show what terms grew the most in updates this year as compared to last in 236 countries.

First on the list was HMU, or “hit me up,” which started to gain traction last year until the phrase had 80,000 mentions a day by the end of the summer. Second was the World Cup, with 1.5 million mentions at the start and 1.3 million mentions at the end of the games. Interestingly, during important moments during some of the games as many as 50% of status updates pertained to the World Cup.

Movies were third on Facebook’s list, particularly “Toy Story 3,” “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” “Inception,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “Iron Man 2.” In fourth place were the iPad and iPhone 4, which were mentioned in 25 million updates this year. Haiti was the fifth most mentioned status update, peaking at a rate of 1,8000 updates a minute earlier this year.

Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber took sixth place with mentions growing throughout the year. Facebook games were the seventh most mentioned status update; FarmVille and FrontierVille were particularly prominent. Next were mentions of miners or mineros (in Spanish), referring to the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days.

Airplanes were mentioned often, coming in ninth place, mostly because a a popular song by B.o.B. called “Airplanes.” Finally, mention of the year 2011 made tenth place and have been mentioned more frequently as the year nears its end.

[Image Via Facebook]