Facebook’s May 2010 US Traffic by Age and Sex: Younger Users Lead Growth

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After a somewhat slow winter, Facebook has had a strong spring in the United States. It gained more than 4.4 million monthly active users in April and accelerated on that last month with 7.8 million new users to reach 125 million. Here’s our monthly look at how the stats break down by age and sex.

Note that Facebook’s data, which we get via its advertising tool, is sometimes reported at least a few weeks late. Therefore, while we’re not seeing any slowdown, any potential impact on traffic from the recent privacy controversies might not yet be visible.

Women between the ages of 18 and 25 continue to make up the single largest group of US Facebook users, followed closely by their male counterparts.

Overall, the overall gender breakdown unsurprisingly stays has it has for years, with women making up 55.7% of all US active users.

However, the demographic group to show the largest gains in the past month were actually men between the ages of 18 and 25. That group expanded by over one million new users, not enough to permanently alter the demographic landscape of Facebook, but still a significant boost in what has become valuable target demographic.

Here’s a view of the past month’s growth in percentages:

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