Facebook’s Global Relief Aims to Help with Haiti, Other Disasters

Facebook launched a new page, yesterday, aimed at spotlighting the earthquake in Haiti and other disasters around the world. The Global Relief page, live for less than 12 hours is up to 1,400 fans already, although we expect that number to climb quickly due to the attention on Haiti earthquake relief.

The page’s design is currently aimed at moving Facebook users to other resources to enable them to assist in the Haiti disaster. One tab uses the Causes app and directs users to donate under the “Global Relief on Facebook” moniker; an Other Pages tab features 11 groups working in Haiti, including Yele Haiti and Catholic Relief Services.

On the Info tab, Facebook notes that the Global Relief page “will spotlight efforts on Facebook to help respond to disasters around the globe.” This allows users to participate in relief efforts without having to leave Facebook’s page.

This morning alone the page has already posted two status updates directing Facebook users to help by donating water or money to Oxfam America through the Causes app. As of this morning “Help Earthquake Survivors in Haiti” had more than 7,600 members and had raised more than $34,000 dollars, and both were growing quickly.