Facebook’s Blackberry App: The Worst Mobile App Ever Designed

Facebook’s Blackberry app has been non-functional ever since the release of the new Facebook layout. The app does not seem to refresh the news feed at all. However, this is not the only problem – the Blackberry app seems to be a perfect example of what a crappy piece of mobile application looks like.

Even before the stream refresh problem, the application did not have had any video support. Blackberry users were unable to view Youtube videos embedded in the news feeds. Although the app support video transfer, video transfer was totally absent.

Another major issue is the loading time, the application refreshes the Friends List everytime you decide to boot the application – making users suffer painful delays.

If that’s not all, the fact that Blackberry’s native address book is not integrated with Facebook – is an utter disgrace for RIM, who have designed the app. The Blackberry’s native contacts should be automatically synched with Facebook friends – or if not at least they should be suggested if they have a Facebook presence.

Its about time that RIM gets its act together and develop some usable application for Facebook. Or else, the Blackberry users would soon be missing from the list of millions of mobile users accessing Facebook on the go.

Editor’s Note: The Facebook for Blackberry application is actually the third most popular application on Facebook based on daily active users (8.3 million daily users). While there are clear errors, the Blackberry community has fully embraced the Facebook application which emphasizes how important it is for the company to fix the remaining app solutions.

Facebook reached out to us with the following statement: “On Wednesday we experienced issues with our APIs, and as a result, some users were unable to access the site from their devices. These APIs are designed to make it possible for mobile partners to provide users with their respective Facebook applications.

The issue was quickly resolved and Facebook users on all mobile devices are now able to access the Facebook application.”