“Face” Time With CBS’ Pratt

“Face the Nation” EP Carin Pratt sat down with her friendly co-workers at the Public Eye to answer questions about her job.

“The most frustrating thing about television journalism is the lack of ability on most broadcasts to delve deeply into a subject — and I’m pretty lucky with 20 minutes of airtime!! The second most frustrating thing is that a lot of politicians have been told by their highly paid consultants that they don’t really have to answer questions, that they should just say whatever they came on to say, regardless of the question. Consultants call this ‘staying on message.’ I call it insulting to the viewer, and I believe it’s the main reason for a bad interview. So there,” she explains.

And she gives a teeny tiny bit of insight into the Sunday show booking process: “The competition to get guests among the Sunday talk shows is fierce. But some of the guests, like Sen. McCain, go on the Sunday shows by rotation, which is really the only fair way to do it. I was surprised that Sen. McCain wasn’t asked more about immigration on that show. He is very passionate about it, and as usual, a great guest. He answers questions.”

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