Fable II – What Path Will You Choose?

350,000 units sold on the launch day for Fable II. That is quite a hefty chunk, and there is no denying the success of the title thus far. For those that are not familiar with the Fable games, in a nut-shell, they are your 3rd person, adventure type games, using a leveling type system to upgrade abilities and spells. However, the unique part of Fable, is the morality system in which every single action you take affects how good or evil your character is, and every single thing you do can also affect how your character looks as well.

In addition to the Fable II release, the developers have also released a miniaturized Facebook version of the title. While nowhere near as in depth as the actual game, this version creates a Facebook friendly rendition of the game’s well-known morality system. The game plays somewhat like your standard Facebook RPG: The player is granted daily gold and gold from performing quests. Furthermore, doing quests (and deeds) can increase your level.

Here is where the game gets a little different: Unlike other Facebook games, your gold is not used to buy new gear and equipment, but rather it is used to mess with your friends through the use of “deeds.” Deeds are the more effective means of changing your alignment to good or evil (quests do so as well, but are more limited in number). The deeper into good or evil you venture, the higher your level.

Regardless, be it deed or quest, the outcome is always amusing with some colorful flavor text. Sometimes you can perform a rather… vulgar and unsightly thrust to earn some gold, and then turn around and post your friend dressed in drag. What’s more, you are also presented with a quaint little mini-game to play in which your timing can increase the amount of gold you earn.

When you perform a deed on a friend, they have 24 hours to counter your deed with an increased wager. Should a deed be successfully countered the winner will gain an increase in the alignment (and in turn, their level) they have chosen and push the looser closer to a neutral alignment. As such, the game is all about being active and checking for those deeds.

Unfortunately, as interesting as all this is… it doesn’t seem to work too well. More often than not page errors seem to appear when performing deeds or attempting to invite friends. Whether or not this is merely coincidence is yet to be determined, but with no technical help, it is difficult to say for sure. As amusing as the “Oopsies” page is (some medieval looking guy dressed in drag), it does get old rather quick when you are trying to actually play the game.

Bottom line though, is that it is certainly a fun game to play, and the flavor text alone from quests and deeds is funny enough to really differentiate itself from other Facebook RPG titles. It really stands to say, that style, above all else, can really do wonders for a game. Unfortunately, as stylized and fun the game is (or rather is supposed to be), the fact that it doesn’t seem to work half the time does create a minor inconvenience (sarcasm). Nonetheless, assuming that the game does get fixed, it really is quite a cool game. Okay, not as cool as the Xbox version, but it is a nice addition to Facebook just the same.