Fabio Gets No Love From The New Yorker

Could there be a more dissonant east coast-west coast juxtaposition than a writer for The New Yorker pondering the literary contributions of Beverly Hills babe magnet Fabio Lanzoni? FishbowlLA thinks not.

Sure enough, the assignment proved so painful for Ian Crouch that he lets out a very non-New Yorker-like howl in the headline, “Yar!” After watching the new Old Spice TV commercial featuring Fabio, Crouch was shocked to discover that “author” is also on this hunk’s resume:

I didn’t know Fabio had a last name until this morning. There are some other things I didn’t know either, namely, that in addition to appearing besotted and shirtless… Fabio wrote several best-selling romance novels himself – Viking, Rogue, Comanche, Champion – under his own name, with the help of Eugenia Riley.

Crouch also resurrects a hilarious 1993 archive tidbit of Fabio describing his writing methods. If this kind of bi-coastal journalistic assignment logic continues, we may soon have to brace ourselves for a TMZ exclusive on the sordid secrets of The Algonquin Table.