Fab Over Fifty Sets February Launch

Publisher, marketer and writer Geri Brin is taking aim at the niche of women 50 and older with the planned February launch of Fab Over Fifty, which is currently live in beta, as is a blog by Brin.

Advertisers already on board include Olay, GNC, Blue Mercury and Raymond James, and Brin is focused on the highest-spending demographic in the country, made up of some 51 million women.

Brin said:

Baby boomer women are more accomplished, more stylish and more generous than women this age have ever been. There is nothing in the media world to celebrate them, appreciate all of their contributions and give them the chance to interact with each other.

I represent this woman. I know who she is, what she loves, and what she wants.

Our target is any woman, anywhere, who is 50 or over. You don’t need to buy designer clothes, have four degrees and live in a 12,000-square-foot-home. If you live your life passionately and love to share your interests, wisdom and style, you are a Fab Over Fifty woman.

The spending power only stands to increase. Women in their 50s are at the peak of their earning potential, with many planning to work into their 60s, 70s and beyond. Not only will they continue to earn income, but within the next decade, many will be managing inheritance windfalls from their parents and husbands.

Marketers used to believe that by age 50, women’s brand preferences were set. New studies show, however, that this is not at all the case with boomers, who are actually “becoming more experimental with age.”

Welcome to Fab Over Fifty from faboverfifty on Vimeo.