Fab or Fug?

As White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend barrels on, we’re going to be bringing you samples of things we find exceptionally fashion-conscious or choices that went horribly wrong.

This morning we begin with rings worn last night by Roll Call HOH writer Neda Semnani. We bumped into her at Atlantic Publisher David Bradley’s swank abode and at the Funny or Die/Atlantic/NJ party. We still have no idea how to pronounce her first name — we’re going to hound her or her HOH partner in crime, Warren Rojas, later for lessons.

Meanwhile, those rings. The turquoise ring on the left was given to her by her late mom when she got to Greece after marrying Neda’s stepfather. The white flower ring is from her Aunt Roshank (no one has normal names in Neda’s family, what can we say?). Neda tells me jewelry carries special meaning for her. For example, the turquoise ring is her “truth serum” ring. When she wears it, she says, “I am exactly who I am going to be.”

Our verdict: Fab. The rings looked beautiful with her dark gray dress.