f8 Speculation Begins, What Will be Announced?

There is ongoing speculation about what will be announced at next week’s f8 event in San Francisco. The event will be attended by the top social networking thought leaders, executives and developers all looking to take advantage of all the new services being announced next week. Justin Smith suggested that contrary to popular belief, Facebook will not be announcing their highly anticipated payment platform at next week’s event.

Currently it is well known that Facebook will be launching their Connect service. Facebook may also be delaying their profile redesign launch until next week. Finally, there may be an announcement about the extension of their open source platform. Aside from that it’s anybody’s guess at this point. Perhaps Facebook will announce the fPhone to compete with Apple’s recently launched iPhone.

One thing that would be nice to see included in this upgraded is a more robust messaging system for Facebook. I had previously suggested that Facebook could leverage information about the strength of your connections to automatically filter messages. There is also the possibility that Facebook will announce a mobile offering that works with the Blackberry application as well as the iPhone application, giving developers yet another distribution channel.

Could location based information be added soon? Perhaps Facebook will integrate directly with the CIA (as one person on Friendfeed suggeted to Techcrunch). Do you have any guesses as to other things Facebook will be announcing?