The 2 Factors That Determine A Brand’s Success In F-Commerce

Doron Simovitch, CEO and Co-founder of SortPrice, shares the two factors that he believes, above all, are imperative to a brand’s F-commerce success.

F-commerce is expanding at a rapid pace as more and more brands are opening stores on their Facebook pages and understanding the value of social commerce.  But what measures can a brand take to ensure that their Facebook commerce initiatives are a success?  I had the opportunity to hear from Doron Simovitch, CEO and Co-founder of SortPrice, and he let me in on the two factors that he believes, above all, are imperative to a brand’s F-commerce success.  Read on to find out what they are.

While I was interviewing Simovitch for a recent post on Facebook flash sales, he told me that, “Moving forward, two factors alone will determine the success of any retailer’s F-commerce offerings: engagement and incentives.”


Simovitch says, “Consumer attention spans can be dangerously short on Facebook, so merchants must keep an open line of communication with their Facebook fans on a daily basis.”  When you engage your fans with excellent content you keep them coming back for more.  Keeping your fans engaged means that they are exposed to your brand on a regular basis which, in turn, means that they are more likely to think of your brand the next time they are in need of a product that you offer.  Plain and simple, engaged customers are much more easily converted into paying customers.


Providing fans with incentives to share and purchase will also be crucial when it comes to the long-term success of a brand’s F-commerce initiatives.  Simovitch told me, “With more merchants crowding the F-commerce space, those that continue to offer incentives, rewards and overall value to their Facebook fans will separate themselves from the pack and enjoy the most success.”

One of the best ways currently to offer incentives, as well as engagement to fans is via flash sales, group offers and other deals. Simovitch says, “Flash sales and similar tools address both the engagement and incentive priorities and will be crucial to F-commerce strategy in the coming years.  Not only do such components provide customers with the content they need to make smart shopping decisions, they’re also essential to creating the two-way relationship between shoppers and merchants on Facebook that is a must.”

Simovitch points out that, “Ultimately, when looking at how far F-commerce has come in such a short period of time, the sky is the limit now.”  But without engaging fans and providing incentives, brands may find that their Facebook commerce initiatives fall short.

What are some interesting examples that you’ve seen of brands engaging fans through Facebook?  Have you partaken in any incentive deals on a brand’s F-commerce store?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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