Ezra’s Lip Service

WaPo‘s Ezra Klein’s lips took center stage last night during his interview with Charlie  Rose. Perhaps the black background set off those pillows of flesh that look like house made glistening veal medallions. Or maybe Klein wears lip gloss?

So suggested Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar on Twitter last night. She wrote, “Kids, that was a terrific @CharlieRoseShow. Now, if he’d only book more women,” and linked to this. (Even with gloss, Ezra doesn’t count.)” She continued, “This is a great and illuminating Charlie Rose. I like how Jon Meacham frames things historically. Tho Ezra Klein needs less lipgloss.”

When asked for comment by FBDC, Sklar said she was only joking about Klein’s lips. She now thinks it was a Blistex reaction. “Oy I was just being funny,” Sklar said. “I didn’t actually think he was wearing, like, a shimmer frost, it was more the sheen of a Blistex (which I favor, btw). I just noticed as I watched (and I watch a lot of Charlie Rose, and as I noted, there are a lot of men on Charlie Rose!) Actually I have never even thought about makeup for the Charlie Rose show before. So that’s an indicator of how little Blistex must have actually been glistening on his lower lip to trigger my notice.”

We sent Klein a note to offer him a chance to comment. As you might imagine, he hasn’t returned the email and it’s doubtful he will since he claims to have cut FishbowlDC off for the more dignified pastures of CJR.

In the meantime, Sklar wants to emphasize how great the Rose show was last night…

Sklar: But I actually want to emphasize what a good show it was last night. I
certainly wouldn’t want my throwaway comment to take away from such a
thoughtful and illuminating episode (nor obviously from the subject).