Ezra the Ageist?

WaPo‘s Ezra Klein is an old man trapped in a young man’s body.

He’s 27. But he’s 67 in mindset. He’s hailed as a child prodigy who refers to himself as “old” and sophisticated. But he’s baby faced and he has written about marshmallows. He also admittedly has little self-control around snack food. “I’ll miss you chocolate chips!” he once wrote on a food blog in 2009, explaining he doesn’t like tempting calories around his kitchen.

In a Thursday blog post in the Chicago Tribune, writer Eric Zorn writes about a subject matter he seized on from our young-old friend for his quote on Google + (Surely Ezzy at 80 will be swerving down the streets of Boca Raton and won’t even be able to find Google+, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves): “Can we create some program whereby any person over the age of 65 who sets up an internet account automatically gets snopes.com as the default home page?”

Snopes is a site that catches internet hoaxes, misinformation, myths, rumors and urban legends. Zorn’s headline: “An apt zinger or ageist rhubarb?”

Klein has other biases against old things. He has called the Constitution “confusing” because it was written “more than 100 years ago.”

We caught up with longtime Chicago Tribune columnist Zorn by phone and questioned him about his post. He said he watches Klein on MSNBC and gets his morning Wonkbook email. “It rang true to me, and also opened up the possibility that it was ageism and unfair,” Zorn said of Klein’s comment. “It dovetailed with my experience on that Internet. That they [the older non-Ezra crowd] tend to believe more of what they read. When I get these emails, when I know the age of the reader most tend to more easily fall for these internet hoaxes.”

As for Klein, Zorn is impressed. “He seems like a very bright guy. Incredibly engaged in policy. Incredibly prolific.”

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